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10 tips to make your hair grow faster

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6/ We cut the ends when they are damaged

Ironic, one must cut to make the hair grow! In fact the forked and damaged  ends grow more slowly than the healthy ends. A precious deadline in the race to grow your hair. Hairdressers advise in general to cut your ends by 3 milimetres every 10 to 12 weeks. We advise you to do this when you notice that your well loved lengths are damaged!


7/ We drink lots of water

A simple tip to avoid breaking it! In fact, dehydrated your hair will appear more dull, dry and coarse and will break more easily! It is recommended to drink about 2 to 3 litres of water per day. Is this promise difficult to keep? Herbal teas and flavoured water function well too (you can also for example squeeze a lemon and add the juice to your bottle of mineral water.)


8/ We do a treatment of  health supplements

As well as food intake efforts, give your organism a boost in order for it accelerate the regorowth of your hair. Numerous health supplements are available on the market (do a tour of  organic health shops, and don’t hesitate to   ask a shop assistant).


9/ One must avoid chemical cosmetic products

Hair products and those which contain alcohol are prohibited because they dry hair and leave it breakable, impeding hair growth. Unfortunately even the most of natural hair products have a low content of alcohol. Try to limit breaking you rhair and using them.  Hair dyes are particularly chemical and harmful for your hair, rather use henna and other gentle hair dyes.  The best alternative method  is to do your own treatments at home, with natural ingredients (for example lemon juice or white vinegar to finish a shampooing, argan oil applied on the lengths or even an olive oil mask.)


10/ We don’t use elastics which are too tight

Avoid suffocating your hair with elastics which are too tight, this will only have the effect of breaking them. That said you can continue to use and abuse the pony tail, an easy hairstyle which allows you to conserve all the fibres of your hair which can continue to grow without being damaged.


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