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10 tips to make your hair grow faster

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Do you jealously ogle the mermaid hair of the beautiful woman who captures all the attention at the bar where you are, and which falls in a cascade of silky curls? Don’t be envious anymore, here are 10 tips in order that your hair will be as long as hers in record timing!

1/ We brush our hair gently

Dont ruin the length of your hair with hair brushes. Avoid brushing them frequently and style them gently without breaking them. Invest in a boar brush, which will make your hair soft and silky. Avoid using a brush whilst your hair is wet, opt for a comb with wide tooths, in natural materials (wood).


2/ We reduce the amount and frequence of shampooings

Perhaps you already know it, shampooing is not the best friend of your hair. Hot water and often calcareous build up from the shower, coupled with hair products more or less chemical, do not help to have beautiful hair. Limit  the damage and change your habits! Don’t wash your hair more than three times per week, and use cold water where you can (if you can stand it) At the beginning your hair will appear a bit more greasy than usual, but this won’t last a long time, the scalp will change it’s habits in order to produce less sebum.


3/ We forget the towel to dry our hair

Drying your hair with a bath towel when leaving the shower will not help it to grow quickly! It will even have the inverse effect and favourise the breakage. Dry it as son as possible in the open air. You can however bend the rule by opting for a towel made of microfibres which are very thin and supple, which will avoid breaking your hair. Avoid blow drying your hair.


4/ Buy a satin pillowcase

Certainly more expensive than a cotton pillowcase (but we can find them for less than 15 euros) a satin pillowcase will allow your hair to breathe a bit, and avoid that the hairs rub against one another.You will wake up to less knots.


5/ We eat proteins and fatty acids

Proteins and fatty acids (omega 3) are essential for the development of your hair. Favour oily fish, beans and legumes, nuts and dried fruit (almonds) spinach, meat (without going overboard) avocadoes and vegetable oils, everything that is within a balanced diet.


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