10 tips to help the baby to ‘engage’ before labour

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Unusual activities to try to get the baby to arrive more quickly!

Are you afraid of being cooped up in the labour ward for hours on end? You needn’t panic yet, you are well prepared and everything will be fine! Here are a few supplementary tips and tricks that should make the most dreaded stage of pregnancy a little easier.

1/ Clean the house

We can well understand that you really don’t want to start cleaning the house when you are 9 months pregnant! But by staying somewhat active, you could help your baby come out more easily, by promoting the opening of the cervix.

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2/ Blow up balloons

By blowing up balloons, you contract your stomach, and put pression on your abs, which could trigger the process.

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3/ Go up and down the stairs

You can also go up and down the stairs, which will increase the pressure on your cervix.

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4/ Have sex

You may not love the mental image of yourself riding your partner like a plus size amazonian princess… However, it would be a pity to deny yourself, because oxytocin is released during orgasm, which is the same hormone involved in childbirth!

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5/ Eat spicy foods

This is a theory that has yet to be medically proven, but it can’t hurt to try: stimulating the digestive system with spices could trigger the first contractions.

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