10 tips for women to keep safe

Strong but sensible

Strong women, certainly, but also safety conscious. Here we have a few tips for how to avoid getting yourself into potentially sticky situations, such as avoiding dodgy areas in the dead of night, or escaping unwanted attention by pretending to be in the middle of a phone call. Because even though we’re attached to our independence, we are also attached to our health and safety!

1/ Sit beside other women on public transport

To avoid being harassed.

Credits : Pixabay

2/ Pretend to be on the phone

To avoid unwanted advances.

Credits : Pixabay

3/ Hold on to your keys as a potential weapon

In a deserted car park at night, your keys could be put to a different use…..

Credits : Pixabay

4/ Keep your earphones in, without listening to music

A way of reducing your risk of being followed.

Credits : Pixabay

5/ Send a text to your friends to let them know you have arrived safely

Don’t let them worry for nothing.

Credits : Pixabay

6/ Avoid going out too early or too late

Or risk finding a group of ‘friends’ who are only too happy to accompany you everywhere.

Credits : Pixabay

7/ Give a fake number to unwanted suitors

Better to divert them than invite aggression, that’s your motto!

Credits : Pixabay

8/ Keep an eye on your drink on nights out, or get a friend to watch it for you

Because you just never know, and date rape drugs are still doing the rounds.

Credits : Pixabay

9/ Wear very revealing outfits at your own risk

You may not always attract the right kind of attention….

Credits : Pixabay

10/ Pretend to be a foreigner, to avoid unwanted advances

Or even deaf-mute, that works even better!

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