10 tips for girls which will simplify your life!

New Ballerina pumps which are too tight, rings which  stain your fingers or fluff which infests your favourite jackets?  Have a look below at the following tips which will help you to  address these problems and simplify your life! 


1/ Apply transparent nail polish onto your rings

Apply transparent nail polish to the interior of your rings in order to avoid having your fingers tarnished with black and green stripes. (A comon result from costume jewellery)


2/Remove the bobbles with a pumice stone

In order to avoid bobbles which are on your favourite jackets, use a pumice stone which you rub gently onto the exterior of your clothes.


3/ Loosen your shoes with a hair dryer

There is nothing worse than not being able to put on one’s new leather ballerina pumps because they are too tight. In order to loosen your flat shoes, wear thick socks before putting them on and then blow dry them on the zones which are too tight for several minutes. Wait until they cool down and then repeat the procedure if you still need to loosen them more.


4/ Pour white wine on a red wine stain

White wine acts as a natural neuraliser to counteract against red wine stains! If you have stained your white shirt with a bit of red wine, pour white wine immediately onto the stain ( if your host has it in stock) and allow it to dry. This will help you clean it!

vin blanc elimine taches vin rouge

5/ Paint your keys with coloured nail polish

Are you sick of  looking for your key  for your gym locker in your large bunch of keys! Paint them different colours to differentiate.


6/ Slide your necklaces into straws

In order to save time and to no longer have to patiently untangle your chains, necklaces and other trinkets, you can thread them through a straw in order to avoid that they get tangled amongst each other.


7/ We maintain our boots upright with pool noodles

No longer leave your riding boots to sag. Keep them upright by sliding pool noodles, newspapers or magazines.


8/ We tie our tights and our scarves onto hangers

You can use a hanger in order to store your scarves, stockings and delicate hoisery.


9/ We iron our hems with a hair straightener

For a perfect hemline , there is no need to take out your iron, all you need to do is use your hair straightener!


10/ Use baking soda for your  shoes in order to avoid bad odours

Baking soda kills bacteria and gets rid of bad odours quickly. No more embarrassement on the dance floor!


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