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10 things we’d love to say to the gynaecologist…. but don’t dare!

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The gynaecologist…. a doctor like no other

Who else can boast that he has your most intimate parts at his fingertips? (No pun intended…) The first contraceptives, the first pregnancy, the first signs of the menopause -the gynae is there throughout the most important moments of a woman’s life. But, nice as he may be, we would love to get in a few digs all the same! Here are 10 things we would love to say to our gynaecologist, but would never have the nerve!

1/ You couldn’t heat up those apparatus before sticking them in there, no??

Yes, cold instruments making contact with our lady parts -nothing worse!!

2/ Do I REALLY have to weigh myself?

Is it really going to change the world if I don’t????

Capture : Film Sex List, Mark Mylod

3/ Do I have to get COMPLETELY naked?

If you’re only checking my uterus, is it really an advantage to take my top off??! I have my modesty you know!

Capture : Docteur T et les Femmes, Robert Altman

4/ The last day of my period? I. Do. Not. Know….. I. NEVER. know.

Why are they always asking about this? A day or two before or after, is there really much of a difference???

5/ Yes, I forgot my pill. And??? You never forgot anything in your life, I suppose?

It’s the principle. I’m not twelve years old.

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