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10 Things to know before dyeing your hair

Need to cover your first grey hairs or you fancy swapping your brown locks to platinum blonde? We have listed the 10 things you need to know before you take that plunge and dye your hair.

1/Why do you want to change your hair colour?

Before you take the plunge, ask yourself the right questions. Do you know why you want to change hair colour? If it is an, all of a sudden decision, take a step back and think twice because hair dye contain chemicals that can cause long lasting damage to your locks, making them more dull and brittle. There does exist hair dyes which are less harmful to hair and more natural with Henna. You may want to change you colour to bring shine and texture to your hair. Indeed, colour does smooth out the hair fibres creating more shine. At around the age of 40, you can also cover up any grey hairs that may be appearing. You may also want to be adding some depth to your hair by adding highlights for a summer sun kissed look. Regardless of why you want to dye your hair, you need to choose a colour which goes with your skin tone.


2/ Choosing a colour that suits us

Don’t choose your colour at random. If you are rather shy, a bright colour might not be right for you. In the same way if you are blonde, with very light skin forget the idea for dark black hair! You hair fibres won’t necessarily be prepared or immune to such an aggressive transformation. Also think about your pennies, as if you change your hair colour to something dramatically different you will have to frequently return to the hairdressers to cover your roots. For a successful colour opt for a tone, two shades lighter or darker than your natural colour.


3/ Choosing the correct dye

There exists numerous different types of hair dye, to be used depending on what restult you are wanting:

  • Permanent Colour, which allows to colour your hair permanently thanks to the pigments contained in its formula that penetrate deep into the hair. Lasting about 2 to 3 months, this sort of hair dye will need regular applications to hide any lighter or darker roots, average touch up is every 5-8 weeks. This is particularily implied for grey hair but doesn’t work well for thin fragile hair as the dye often contains ammonia.
  • Semi-permanent Colour, as the name suggests, this dye won’t fix onto your hair for long periods. It will make the same result as a permanent colour but will slowly fade after every hair wash. Lasting on average 5-8 weeks (depending on how often you wash your hair). What is good with semi permanent colour is that the appearance of roots will be less obvious.
  • Wash in Wash out Colour, this is a hair dye for those that dare add a splash of unique colour to their hair. Available in a variety of colours, often super brights such as pinks, blues and silvers. Don’t fret, these colours wash out the next time you wash your hair. Perfect for fancy dress!
  • Henna, a plant that has been used for hundreds year for dying hair and skin. The use of henna has become very popular in Europe due to the rise of popularity with organic cosmetics. Indeed, this dye is 100% natural and harmless for your scalp. The vegetable pigments contained in its formula don’t alter the hairs properties when coated. As well as colouring your hair it will also heal any damages and bring shine. You can use and abuse it with no concerns.
  • Colour Remover, enables you to strip away the natural pigments in your hair, leaving hair stripped back for a new colour. It is an aggressive product which will leave your hair dry and brittle, dying to hair afterwards is a must.


4/ Avoid washing your hair after application

Ideally it is recommended that you don’t wash your hair for 2 to 3 days after application and if possible do not use any conditioner.

5/ Read the instructions

If you decided to dye your hair at home, read the instructions. The result will be the same but the application method can differ between brands and type of dye.

6/ Test first

Do a strand test first to see if it is the result you were hoping for.


7/ Rince well your hair

Rinse well your hair after colouration. Keep rinsing until the water runs clear. There is no need to wash your hair with shampoo.

8/ Pamper your hair fibres

Apply a conditioner that repairs hair fibres, as it has been through a lot! To maintain your hair colour so that it looks great for a long time, use treatments and hair masks. Dried by the chemicals (except when using henna), your hair fibres need pampering. There are lots of products available for your hair which will help keep the colour glowing for longer.


9/ Air dry your hair

Let your hair dry naturally rather than blow drying. It will help keep the natural shine.


10/ Stay in the shade

Avoid any harsh sunlight for 2 days after dying your hair. During the summer months it is also recommended to wear a hat.

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