10 things that girls will never admit they do in the toilet


And yes gentlemen, girls also do number 2s!!! Which sometimes seems to shock our male counterparts, who seem to think we smell of roses at all times, and that we only go to the toilets to chat with our girlfriends or powder our noses! But in terms of poop, we’re just like everyone else! Here are a few hilarious confessions that you are sure to recognise from your visits to the ladies room. 

1/ When you leave the toilet leaving a ‘fresh’ aroma in your wake, pretending it was nothing to do with you

Everyone is allowed eat their broccoli, after all.

2/ When you spend about an hour adorning the toilet seat with toilet paper, before sitting down and making yourself comfortable!

You feel guilty about the waste of paper, but needs must!


3/ When you don’t dare to wash out your menstrual cup, because the toilets are too crowded

So you wipe it out as best you can with toilet paper, but in the end, you emerge with it all over your hands…. Discretion being the order of the day….

4/ When you accidentally let out a loud fart while you are doing your number 2

And the shame that overcomes you because the world and its mother seem to be in the public toilets today. Fortunately, you have the advantage of anonymity  and you can wait until everyone is gone before you dare to open the door of the toilet.

5/ When you go to the toilet with your friends and you continue to chat while you are on the throne

The tinkle tinkle of your pee isn’t going to stop the conversation!


6/ When you use toilet paper as a makeshift sanitary towel

Because Mother Nature is paying you a surprise visit, and you hadn’t prepared for her arrival.

7/ When you cough loudly to mask the sound of your poop

A fit of coughing which, of course, never happens at the moment of the dreaded ‘plop’.

8/ When water from the toilet touches your bum when you drop the bomb

One of the most disgusting things to happen in the history of the modern world! However, you have found the perfect solution: ramming a wad of toilet paper down there to avoid all that unpleasantness. But again, the environment…. you’ll have to do your bit in another way!


9/ When you turn on the taps on purpose to mask any giveaway noises

And when the urge isn’t coming…. and isn’t coming…. and isn’t coming…. It’s clear, Mother Nature is out to annoy you!

10/ When you make a huge detour to go to the toilet as far as possible from your office

Because you don’t want your work colleagues to think you might be doing a poo…. But however, it happens to the best of us! Even girls….