10 things pear shaped women know only too well

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A body type full of contradictions

A pear shaped body, also called triangle shaped, isn’t the easiest body type to work with in terms of clothing. And high street clothes do nothing but send you into a depression, because it’s impossible to find something to suit your shape. Here are a few situations that you are bound to identify with if you are pear shaped.

1/ What you don’t have on top, you make up for on the bottom

Is your chest flat as a pancake, while you have large hips and a generous bum? Assets like that can be hard to capitalise on….

Credits : Wikipedia

2/ Your upper body is the same as it was at 15 years old, while your lower body could give J-Lo a run for her money

We are not all lucky enough to have “all the right junk in all the right places”. That would be just too perfect.

Credits : Wikimedia

3/ The size of your tops is completely different to the size of your trousers

Which can turn your shopping trips a little bit sour…. But it’s always worth a look in the vintage boutiques (back in the day, wide hips were very common).

Credits : Instagram

4/ It is almost impossible to find the perfect pair of jeans.

Either your bum won’t fit into them, or the waistband comes nowhere near your narrow middle! Shopping is never easy….

5/ Finding a dress -a head melting challenge

The perfect dress has to be tailor made, because most of what is in the shops is too loose on top and too tight on the bottom….. A real head melter!

6/ Crops-tops are your best friends forever

Short tops reveal your flat stomach and don’t stick to your hips: finally a fashion trend you can make your own!

Credits : Flickr

7/ When you lose weight, it comes mainly off your boobs

And it wasn’t as if  you had that much there in the first place…

Screenshot: Cynthia Dulude/YouTube

8/ When you put on weight, it goes straight to your bum

Obviously, the opposite is also true…. Mother Nature is not a fair mistress!

Screenshot: Cynthia Dulude/YouTube

9/ People have always said you’d make a perfect mother

Not for your maternal qualities but because of the size of your hips….

Credits : Tawny Nina/Pixabay

10/ The base of your back has never touched the ground!

Be proud of your booty!

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11/ You’re sick of hearing about the importance of equilibrium

You’re tired of being told that you need to balance the top and the bottom, creating contrast for the perfect outfit: eventually, the fashion scales will tip! For those who decide not to try this rigid balancing act, you are strong enough to love yourself for who you are. And you are absolutely right.

Credits : Alexandra Koch/Pixabay