10 things never to say to a pregnant woman

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6/ Have you heard about cot death?

This subject is 100% taboo, and to be avoided at all costs. As if it had never crossed our minds…

7/ Oh just wait until the birth, it’s awful!

Thanks a lot. We’re not worried enough already about even the first contractions.

Credits: Line Severinsen

8/ Try to give birth on such and such a date

Despite all our efforts, we know well that it’s possible that we won’t be able to make our best friend’s wedding. But no matter, we can still try to keep her happy!

Credits: Line Severinsen

9/ You’re not going to breastfeed??

All your friends take against you when you bravely announce that no, you will not be breastfeeding.

10/ You’re not going to call him that!

An important tip: never divulge the name you have chosen for the baby, or everyone will have an opinion on it….

Credits: Line Severinsen

With kind permission of Line Severinsen

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