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10 things all women dread when going to the hair salon!


When your hairdresser is out to get you!

Going to the hairdressers is always a sensitive subject among women… And with good reason too, having left with a stone in our hearts the last time we were here… Here are 10 situations we all dread when we go to the hairdressers.

1/ The boiling water in the taps during shampooing

Even if they ask every time “is the temperature okay for you?”

2/ Paying an astronomical sum for a quick trim

Sure they gave us a cup of supermarket green tea, but all the same, 70 euro a pop is a bit of a sting….

Credits : Pixabay

3/ Having to make small talk

We all have days like that, when we just don’t want to talk to anyone. And when it comes to answering invasive questions from the stranger cutting your hair, it’s nothing but drudgery!

4/ The hair dryer burning your eyes

When your enthusiastic hairdresser is doing your blow-dry, she also seems to think your eyes need drying out. And of course, you don’t dare say a word.

Credits : Pixabay

5/ The dreaded question: “Would you like anything from our range of hair care products?”

You have yet to come up with the best response to this tricky question, but you are always too afraid to refuse, for fear of coming across like a scrooge. Except for the fact that expensive conditioners really weren’t in your budget for the week….

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6/ Being strangled by the capes

When your hairdresser puts the cape on you, they don’t hesitate to tighten it around the neck! Are they trying to strangle you or what?!

7/ Water running down the back of your neck

You’re only at the shampooing stage, your head painfully clung to the edge of the basin, and suddenly a trickle of water makes its way down your neck, running all the way down your back…. An unpleasant situation for sure, but you don’t dare say a word. A good start….

Credits : Pixabay

8/ When you have an itch you’re dying to scratch

But you can’t , because you are under strict instructions to keep your head still and not to move.

Credits : Pixabay

9/ The blade of the scissors near your face

As if they wanted to blind you with the sharp blade! You can still hear the sound of the steel snip-snip-snipping around your nose…

Credits : Pixabay

10/ When your eyes meet theirs in the mirror

Because you never quite know where to look in this situation, given that the salon is a hall of mirrors!

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