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10 quick and easy tips to give volume to lifeless hair

Give your flat hair a boost with ease!

Have you always dreamt of Beyoncé’s curls? Or even those of your friend Pauline, who outshines the rest with her blonde curls bouncing on her shoulders? Don’t despair, your hair just needs a little attention. Here are a few tips to boost it to max volume!

1/ Use a toothbrush to gently tousle your hair

Run an old toothbrush over your hair for a plumped up effect in an instant!

2/ Apply dry shampoo before you go to bed

For a bouncy bonce when you wake up!

 3/ Stop using conditioner

Conditioner is the number one enemy of big volume. Try stopping it.

4/ Create a zig-zag parting

This will create more volume at the roots.

5/ Rinse your hair with cold water

This will eliminate electric static that flattens and deadens your hair. But yeah, easier said than done…

6/ Change the side of your parting

Get your hair out of its usual routine by changing the side of your parting.

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7/ Dry your hair with a large round brush, from roots to ends.

Roll the brush during drying for maximum volume.

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8/ Run your hair straighteners from tips to roots

Straighten your hair moving from the ends of the hair upwards, to loosen up the roots.

9/ Do your hair with your fingers

Don’t style your hair with a comb or a brush, but with your own fingers! This loosens up the roots and can add height to your style.

10/ Choose the best haircut to create volume

Whether your hair is long or short, ask your hairdresser to give you a cut that will make the most of your straight hair. There are specific cuts to suit every type of hair.