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10 original shoe storage solutions

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Shoe storage solutions to change your life

Do you find that you never quite have enough space to store your Louboutins, among the million or so boots you have accumulated over time in your shoe cabinet? Space must be created!! Here are a few easy tips to create space, and help you find the perfect heels to match your outfit every morning!

1/ Use hangers for ballerina pumps

Hang your ballerina slippers on a bent hanger, or attach them using clothes pegs, to create space and find them more easily.

2/ Hooks

If you have surplus hooks around the house, and not enough jackets to hang on them, use them to hang your best pair of heels!

3/ Recycle a cabinet

If there is an old cabinet or press that you don’t use any more, transform it into a veritable shoe closet!

4/ A ladder

With an old wooden ladder, you can work miracles! A quick lick of paint in the colour of your choice, and the job is done!

5/ Wooden palettes

Use the space between the slats to slide your boots or other flat shoes, and display them on high!

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