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10 of the craziest beauty accessories you’ve ever seen

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Beauty accessories to scare the wrinkles off your face!

Lip inflators, nose reshapers, or eyelid trainers -a variety of torture instruments to correct a myriad of flaws you may not have even known you had! Here is an astonishing list of the wackiest of these accessories, that have nonetheless gained some success in Asian countries. The verdict???

1/ The nose reshaper

Is your nose too hooked, or not narrow enough? With this friendly little torture device, you can alter its shape and form without ever leaving the house! (In fact, leaving the house with any of these on should be strongly discouraged…)

Beauty lift high nose

2/ Eyelid trainer

Do your eyelids have a tendency to droop? Worry no longer, with this bizarre frame, they’ll be open wide in no time!

Japanese Eye Lid Trainer

3/ Lip inflator

An invention coming to you straight from Japan: plastic lips that will plump your pout in just 3 minutes a day!

Facial Slimmer

4/ Anti-wrinkle mask

Nope, it’s not your usual face mask, but a plastic mould that will bring you back down memory lane, to the beloved orthodontic headgear of your adolescence! Worn every night, nothing will beat it in the fight against wrinkles.

Credits :

5/ Anti-wrinkle glasses

This time, it’s eye bags that are being targeted with these stylish glasses.

Mejikara Anti-Wrinkle Glasses

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