10 items to eliminate from your bathroom and replacement alternatives!

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Not all beauty products are good to purchase or use!

Girls, do not be fooled, you are made to believe that you have this extreme need to see your cabinets stuffed with cosmetics and other essential cosmetics. But the natural products always work best and are better for your health. So, instead of investing astronomical sums in a night mask, prefer to use a little olive oil for example, to massage on your face and the outline of the eyes before going to bed. We help you sort through your bathroom cabinet and get rid of those unnecessary products that just make more clutter. You’ll see, the savings you make will make you feel better.

1/ Cotton buds

Not only are they dangerous as you should not be inserting them into your ear drum but they are also one of the worse contributors in marine plastic pollution.  Fingers crossed the plastic stick should be banned by next year and there are great alternatives. If you want to use cotton buds to clean your makeup from under your eyes then you can purchase them with a paper stick rather than a plastic one, available online. The best alternative however to reduce your bathroom waste is to purchase bamboo cotton buds which are completely biodegradable.

Crédits : Gadini/Pixabay

2/ Shower gel

We are not saying to stop washing, but that shower gel is covered in plastic packaging, which you throw away a few weeks only after buying it, can not compete with a soap bar, much more ecological (and economical) . And do not believe the diction “it dries the skin”, totally false. Do you like sweet scents? Take a look at Lush where you can go and buy your soap bar.

Crédits : Persavon

3/ Mouth wash

Mouthwashes sold commercially are often elaborated with more than dubious chemical ingredients. And if one abuses it, it would risk to produce the opposite effect! Brush your teeth well and dental floss regularly to avoid bacteria. Rinse your mouth by gargling with water twenty minutes after finishing a meal. As simple as that!

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4/ Eye serum

Even if the brands strive to make you feel guilty for not taking care of your fine lines, do not give in! It is simply very good marketing! Vegetable oils such as argan oil, nigelle or sweet almond oil have no equal to moisturize the contours of the most fragile eyes. To be massaged at will. Bonus: you’ll only need a very small amount, which will save you a lot of money.

Crédits : Eclat

5/ Body milk

With a little olive oil, you will be able to replace your body milk, giving your skin an intense hydration with this natural elixir.

Crédits : Nivea

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