10 invaluable tips for busy mums who are short on time

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Maybe you’ve recently given birth to a little bundle of joy, who nonetheless is getting bigger by the day, and you feel like time is simply flying by! But this is less so the case when you’re in the middle of tedious chores around the house, which you barely have time for between feeding, changing and washing your baby! Here are a few tips for busy mums, or even for anyone who doesn’t want to spend too much time on housework, in order to really enjoy their time with their newborn!

1/ Place a damp towel over your baby’s tummy to avoid getting sprayed with pee when you open the nappy

A tip that seems to work: by placing a wipe or the end of a damp cloth over your baby’s tummy before changing them, you can avoid unexpected showers!

2/ Stick an adhesive hook to your baby’s high chair

To have spare bibs within arms reach, in case of little emergencies!


3/ Help your children use less toilet paper by crushing the roll with your foot

Another handy tip: with a clean shoe, ideally, lightly crush the roll of toilet paper, if your children have a habit of overdoing it. You will bend the roll a bit, meaning it will roll slower around the toilet paper holder, dispensing less paper with each roll. Ingenious.

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4/ Cut your baby’s nails a few minutes after they have fallen asleep

Around twenty minutes after your baby has nodded off (which is when babies go into a deep sleep cycle), you can cut their nails, without upsetting them. Say goodbye to wriggling and terror!

5/ Put sticky tape over the speakers of your children’s toys to reduce the sounds

Despite your pleas to your friends and family, they keep on giving your children bright, noisy, plastic toys, with loudspeakers to amplify their sounds! A tip for reducing the sound: stick sellotape over the speakers.

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