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10 gross things that happen when you get pregnant

Scary Mommy
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Pregnancy has its pros and cons…

Young mothers never know quite what to expect when they get pregnant for the first time! Without wanting to frighten you if you are expecting, be aware that the changes in your body and your hormones can be surprising, to say the least! Here is a list tinged with humour, outlining these “fun” changes!

1/ Your vagina changes colour

Certain mums-to-be see the colour of their genitals slightly changing, becoming, red, violet or dark blue….


2/ You look down at your bellybutton and see a load of dark hairs

This new expansion of your pubic hair around your belly button is certainly an unwelcome shock!

Scary Mommy

3/ Your skin changes

Like a chameleon taking on a whole new form.


4/ Your breasts become veiny

Giving them the aspect of a spiders web!

Crystal Ro / BuzzFeed

5/ Spots appear in places where they never appeared before

Your back, your breasts, these unlikely spots will have you reliving the most joyous moments of your adolescence….. Thanks very much, hormones!

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