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10 Good reasons to swap using sanitary towels for reusable towels

Crédits : Dans Ma Culotte©
Crédits : Dans Ma Culotte©

Towels that will change your life

You scream at the thought? Washable sanitary towels, nothing more disgusting! Yet what you do not know yet is that the towels you throw away immediately after use, contain the equivalent of a cup of oil per pad… Indeed, brands sold commercially contain toxic substances from the petrochemical industry. Not to mention unnecessary expenses that you would avoid with the washable towel, as well as the damage they cause on the environment. So many arguments that made us want to put us there. We decided to test a washable sanitary towel by the French brand Dans Ma Culotte ©, (means in my knickers) a small company of protections for women which is growing in popularity whose workshops are based in Normandy. Here are our thoughts:

Crédits : Dans Ma Culotte©

The advantages

Obviously, you don’t have doubts that the washable towel presents a significant advantage on the environment: every year, about 45 billion sanitary napkins are thrown away, difficult to recycle because of the chemicals that make them and the companies always hides their existence in the components. For your finances, it will save you money every month as they are a one time purchase that last for a long time. But apart from that, the washable towels contain many other benefits that you might not have thought of.

1/ They have a better level of absorption than classic towels

With their advanced technology and absorbent cotton fabric, Dans Ma Culotte towels keep you dry for longer than normal towels. It feels dry, even during heavy flow.

2/ There is no smell or noise compared to disposable towels

No, it’s not your blood that gives off that particular smell when you’re going to change in the toilet, but mixing it with the chemical absorbent products that are inside the towels give off that smell. There is also no noise like wearing a nappy when you move.

3/ They are super pretty

Trendy prints, flowers, boats, liberty patterns or shells, these luxury period protections will make you want to have your period! We would like to take them all…

Crédits : Dans Ma Culotte©

4/ They stay put by the poppers

Depending on the size and absorbency of the Dans Ma Culotte towels, two or four snap buttons let you close it securely to keep it in place all day (or night). And that changes the unhappy adhesive strips of our old protections.

5/ They prevent all risk of leaks

Due to their snap-fastening system, Dans Ma Culotte towels are better suited to your underwear and therefore avoid the risk of leaks. In addition, their absorption capacity is really very high: it is able to absorb 400 times its weight in water and dries very quickly.

6/ They are designed, woven and made in France out of organic cotton

Purchasing hand made in Europe products avoids exploitation and bad work conditions. Not to mention that you help a small business grow who cares about the consumer unlike larger companies who are just looking to make lots of money out of our menstrual cycles.

Capture vidéo : Dans Ma Culotte©

7/ Prevents irritations and infections

Unlike conventional towels, which can sometimes cause inflammation or even thrush for the most sensitive (not surprising given the amount of toxic products – especially chlorine – present in throw away towels).

8/ They quickly pay themselves back

It has been estimated that we consume an average of 290 disposable sanitary napkins each year. At £4.00 the package, one soon comes to save a significant sum, with towels that can be used for more than 6 years!

Crédits : Dans Ma Culotte©

9/ They fight pollution

As you have already learned, this type of protection is infinitely reusable: a machine cycle between 40 and 60°C and it starts again but for a menstrual cycle, this time!

10/ They are discreet

The push-buttons of the napkins in Dans Ma Culotte are multi-function: they do not only help keep your hygienic protection in place but also fold it in four after you have used it, or to store it when it is clean .

Crédits : Dans Ma Culotte©

The inconveniences

When one is not used to them, launching their washing machine to wash soiled towels can be slightly worrying. Rest assured, the blood is clean and will not stain on the other laundry. Having said that, it’s hard on a trip or at a friends house to have a machine… prefer to have a backup. The ideal is to alternate menstrual cup (see item here) and reusable towels.

The towels by Dans Ma Culotte are relatively expensive to buy, and it is not known what size to choose on the site. Better not to be wrong, because at 15 euros per unit, it is expensive for a panty liner! Having said that, given the savings made thereafter, we can not really say that this is a real drawback … However, the price is explained by ethics: the dressmakers who make them are well paid, in good conditions and benefit from a pension.