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10 fashion tips for appearing thinner without dieting

You don’t feel like starting a big diet as the new year approaches  (you would rather devour a pot of Nutella). So opt for these easy fashion tips rather  which will help you to make you appear thinner without losing a gram!

Belts, earrings, coloured clothes, there are many ways to use fashion and accessories in order to appear thinner without following a diet!

1/ Reveal  your waist with a belt

Belts are a girls best friend as they diminish bulges and give one the shape of a pin up! Choose a large belt to mask your bulges (a thin belt will make them stand out except if you have a small waist) If you are lucky enough to have a small waist place it in the middle otherwise place it a bit above just below your chest.

2/ Wear necklines adapted to the size of your bust

When one has an ample bust, wearing different necklines is not always suitable!  Your best choice are V necks and cross over necklines.

3/ Avoid tank tops and sleeveless tops

Even if Summer is not yet over you will have to stop wearing tank tops and sleeveless tops which give you chunky arms!

4/ Wear jewellery

(As long as they are not too big and weigh you down) Necklaces complement your face and earrings elongate your face.

10 astuces mode pour paraitre plus mince sans faire de regime (5)

5/ Play with colours

Choose bright colours to emphasize certain places and dark colours for the areas you wish to camourflage. Do you have little bulges on the sides but nice hips? Opt for a blue marine top and a fuchsia skirt for example.

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6/ Forget the too short, too long, too large or too skin tight

What is left ? Pleats , trapeze shapes and all the deconstructed forms. These are the types of forms which will make you appear slimmer!

10 astuces mode pour paraitre plus mince sans faire de regime8

7/Wear items with original details

Big bows, studs, patches, scarves are just a few examples of the original details which can take the attention away from one’s areas which complex one.

8/ Avoid  clothes made of Satin or velvet

These two materials tend to unfortunately make you appear fatter. Rather wear fluid material such as muslin, silk and cotton.

9/ Show a little skin

This is a tip that one doesn’t always know about which refine’s one’s silhouette : reveal a little skin! Bare your arms or allow your cleavage to show in order to make you appear instantly slimmer!

10/ Choose spikey heels rather than wedges

It is logical, the finer the shoe, the more it makes you appear thinner….. Avoid wearing gladiator shoes with laces if you don’t have thin legs otherwise your legs will look chunky!