10 clothing tips all girls should know

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5/ Recycle an old jumper

If your legs are feeling cold this winter, no need to purchase woolly/ fluffy boots, with this trick you can create leg warmers for free! Before you throw away any old jumpers, cut the sleeves off and unravel a little wool to weave it through the end so it doesn’t unravel. You will be left with a leg warmer that cost you nothing, as you are using an old jumper you were going to throw away!

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6/ How to squeeze into your jeans!

Have you put on a few pounds, and are struggling to fit into your favourite jeans? Don’t worry, these is a way to get back into them!

a/ Easy Trick: All you have to do it dampen the areas of the jeans which are too tight. If your brave you can also put them on and jump in the bath. When the jeans are damp it helps stretch the fabric for you to be able to get them on. The easiest way is to spray with water onto the jeans, rather than jumping in the bath fully clothed!

b/ Whilst your jeans are damp, wear the jeans for at least 30 minutes whilst doing gentle stretching exercises. Get on your knees, squat; touch your toes and even do a few yoga positions, this will help relax the damp fibres!

c/ After finishing the exercises, take off the jeans and leave out to dry. Repeat the same movements whilst the jeans are dry. You should notice a difference.

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7/ Choose the right necklace for your tops neckline

Here is a little cartoon example of the type of necklaces you should wear depending on your tops neckline. A way to avoid a fashion faux pas!

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8/ Remove deodorant marks from your clothes

Nothing worse when you put on a dark top, and look down to see deodorant white marks! Don’t change your outfit, did you know baby wipes can work miracles!? Test it out on a mark and you will see…

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9/ Fold t-shirts so that you can find them quicker

Do you find you are always wearing the same tops; which are often the ones at the top of your drawer pile? Here is a way to fold your tops and store them differently into your drawer so you can see all of your tips.

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10/ Stretch your shoes with ice

Are your new shoes very night and rubbing your feet, resulting in sore feet and even blisters. Fill a zip bag with some water and place it inside your shoe. Put your shoe in the freezer, and when the water freezes it will stretch the inside of your shoe. Leave for 24 hours. Remove from the freezer and put your feet inside to keep the stretch in position, beware your shoe will be cold!

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