10 clothing tips all girls should know

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We all have our little difficulties with clothes, whether it is yellow undearm sweat marks, bra straps that won’t stay in place or clothes that have shrunk in the wash. Here are a few tricks and tips that will help you with your pesky fashion problems:

1/ Remove yellow sweat marks

Do you often get yellow stains on the underarms of your white tops? Don’t fret, you aren’t alone! To prevent and remove these stains, fill a bottle with lemon juice and spray a little onto the areas on your clothes where you get sweat marks and then put to wash in your washing machine.

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2/ Press studs to hold your bra strap in place

A little trick to not only hold in place your bra but also help keep your top in position. If your top doesn’t already have one, sew a thin little fabric strip onto the side of your tops and add press studs. It can then be wrapped around your bra strap.

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3/ A key ring to hold your zip up

It is very annoying when the zip in your jeans or trousers keeps falling down, you can often find yourself in embarrassing situations when you realise that your flies have suddenly undone. Add a key ring hoop to your zip and hook it over your button to keep your flies up.

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4/ A trick for shrunk clothes

Has your favourite trousers or top shrunk in the wash? It is possible to reverse the shrinkage by following these 5 steps:

a/ Fill your sink with warm water and add a cupful of baby shampoo.

b/ Leave your item of clothing  to soak for a few minutes, so that the fabric fibres loosen and relax with the shampoo.

c/ Remove it from the water, and remove the water by squeezing it. Do not rinse.

d/ Using a large towel, lay your garment flat onto the towel, and roll the towel up. This is so the towel soaks up the water and leaves the garment damp and not dry out.

e/ Take another towel, and lay the garment flat to dry slowly. If you are impatient you can use a gently fan nearby. Turn the garment over to dry the other side.

You item of clothing should be closer to its original size/length!

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