10 celebrities without makeup and are also naturally beautiful

Ten naked faced celebrities

No more overworked makeup that masks charming imperfections. Throw away your foundation, your false eyelashes and your contouring creams, the trend is to be natural. Here are 10 photos of celebrities without makeup, proudly posted on their social networks, who decided to go natural. Alicia Keys leads the movement.

1/ Alicia Keys

Surely one of the first to have taken the step to wearing no-makeup, Alicia finally reveals her true nature. The first time we saw her pretty freckles.


2/ Lady Gaga

One would not have thought her to be so pretty, the lady, under her eccentric make-up! Without makeup, she looks younger by ten years.


3/ Kim Kardashian

Accustomed to wearing numerous contouring layers, she surprises us and looks great!


4/ Beyoncé

Natural hair and a face free of all traces of makeup, Beyoncé does not need makeup to reveal her beauty!


5/ Cameron Diaz

The beautiful surfer is proud of her imperfections like any woman, praising the merits of a healthy and natural life in her latest book.


6/ Gwyneth Palthrow

Elegant and distinguished, Gwyneth does not appear to be in her forties, without makeup!


7/ Drew Barrymore

Drew is a confident woman and does not need make up to feel good about herself


8/ Katie Holmes

Looking cute in the morning!


9/ Jessica Alba

Even more beautiful when natural!


10/ Bella Hadid

Without makeup, the girl does not have to worry about her girl skin in bloom!


Be confident without make up too!