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10 brilliant and unique tips for a smooth pregnancy

Unique tips and tricks for a smooth, serene pregnancy

We bet that you never thought of soaking your feet in tonic water to reduce the swelling caused by water retention? Or of making your own anti-nausea ice cubes with ginger?  It’s true that these tips are unusual, but definitely worth a look! Here is a list of things that will make your pregnancy easier, that you are sure never to have heard of before!

1/ Soak your feet in cool tonic water to avoid swelling

The quinine contained in tonic water such as Schweppes can considerably reduce swelling. The bubbles, for their part, can ease the pain in your poor feet.

Screenshot: Home remedies for swollen feet/YouTube

2/ Lie on a large swimming ring to sleep on your stomach

Inflatable swimming rings in the shape of a large doughnut have a helpful hole in the middle -perfect for accommodating your expanding bump!

Screenshot: KGUN9/YouTube

3/ Use a hair elastic to expand your trousers

It would be a pity to buy ten new pairs of jeans just for nine months! You can also borrow some maternity wear from friends who have already been through it.

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4/ Stick kineseotape to your belly

Often used by sports people, kineseotape supports the muscles and joints without limiting  movement. It is great for relieving discomfort.

Screenshot: WOD doc/YouTube

5/ Put your bra in the freezer to get some relief

If you wear a bra and can’t seem to cool down, put it in the freezer for a while until it is nice and cool.

6/ Drink apple cider vinegar if you have heartburn

You can take one to two dessertspoons of apple cider vinegar a day to relieve heartburn during pregnancy.

Credits : Pixabay Crédits : Pixabay

7/ Arm yourself with a grabber tool to help you pick objects from the ground

Every mum-to-be knows how exhausting it is to bend down to pick up objects that have fallen on the floor. Leave all that behind you and pick up a grabber tool or litter picker to do the work for you!

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8/ Eat bananas to avoid cramps

Full to the brim of potassium, bananas help limit cramps during pregnancy.

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9/ Use your bump like a tray table!

For an afternoon snack, or for resting the remote!

Screenshot: jenn thib/YouTube

10/ Make your own maternity band to adapt your jeans

A little sewing and you’re in style!