10 good reasons to eat chocolate

All those chocolate lovers can celebrate:  bars of chocolate are good for your health! As long as you don’t go overboard……… Here are 10 good reasons to no longer feel guilty!

1/ Chocolate is an excellent antidepressant

Cocoa slows down memory loss and reduces the risk of decay thanks to it’s amount of tannin, fluorine and phosphate. As long as you choose dark chocolate and not milk which is too rich and full of sugar.

2/ Chocolate is an aphrodisiac

Chocolate has a positive impact on the libido, and particularly those of women. You now know what you need to do before a romantic evening!

3/ Chocolate stimulates certain zones of the brain

One can find phenylethylamine in chocolate, a substance which stimulates the same zones of the brain as amphetamines. An overdose is authorised!


4/ Chocolate is a veritable natural medication

More than 300 active subtsances are contained in chocolate. Potassium, magnesium, iron, antioxidants….  Enough to keep you healthy all year round!

5/ Chocolate fights against stress

Due to its high content of magnesium, chocolate can reduce stress. Allow yourself several pieces after a difficult day.

6/ Chocolate is recommneded for pregnant women

Chocolate protects pregnant women by reducing the risks of arterial disease linked to pregnancy. Baby will be happy!

chocolate flow

7/ Chocolate is good for cholesterol

Incredible but true: cocoa is capable of protecting the body against bad cholestrol thanks to the flavonoids which it contains.

8/ Chocolate is an antioxidant

The antioxidant capacity of cocoa is higher than that of tea or wine, thanks to the flavonoids and active minerals it contains.

9/ Chocolate reduces blood pressure

Consuming 6 grams of dark chocolate per day reduces blood pressure.

10/ Chocolate, new aspirin?

Chocolate has an anti coagulant effect similiar to that of asprin.

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Source :, Femme Actuelle

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