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10 bizarre things you never knew about plastic surgery

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Cosmetic surgery still holds many surprises

Cosmetic surgery has always held a special fascination: do you not like the shape of your nose? With the stroke of a knife, transform it the way you like it! Is the flab that is hiding the abs you know are there somewhere starting to annoy you? A tap of a surgical wand and presto, it’s disappeared, as if by magic! We can’t say we haven’t thought about it… But there are other less well known secrets hidden in the world of cosmetic surgery. Here are a few that you are sure never to have heard of..

1/ It is possible to inject collagen into your heels, to wear high heeled shoes all day long without suffering

We know it only too well, high heels are elegant, but they hurt like hell! And so surgeons have invented a collagen injection for…. your heels! The results: a pleasant sensation as if you were walking on a cushion, that allows you to wear your stilettos all day long, without a second thought!

Credits : Lebuntu/Pixabay

2/ Cosmetic surgery can change your face to the extent that it can cause problems at customs

In terms of cosmetic surgery, South Korea has a fantastic reputation: the work is well done, and some people end up completely unrecognisable. Problems can arise at borders, when the old passport photos look nothing like the new faces!

Montage : 100%Féminin ; Credits : Pixabay/Flickr

3/ It is possible to graft hair from your legs on to your face, to thicken your eyebrows

For those who want to channel their inner Cara Delevigne, it is now possible to surgically implant hair from elsewhere to augment scant eyebrows. The problem: it’s the new hairs from your legs or from your……WHATTTT?!!! But beware: thick regrowth guaranteed!

Credits : RyanMcGuire/Pixabay

4/ Certain people in Japan use surgery to re-do the creases on their hands

Also called ‘life lines’, those creases that we ‘read’ as children in the playground, and that will apparently decide our future, are not taken so lightly in Japan: certain superstitious people decide to change their destinies by putting the palms of their hands under the knife!

Credits : GreyerBaby/Pixabay

5/ In England, people change the colour or shape of their nipples with cosmetic surgery

“Tittooing” is the art of changing the colour and/or shape of the nipples if they are not to your taste! It’s a cosmetic surgery technique that began in Liverpool, which has exploded across the Channel. Pink, light or dark brown, in the shape of a heart or a star -take your pick!

Credits : WerbeFabrik/Pixabay

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