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10 Beauty Tips for perfect skin

We all have our little beauty rituals. Whether it is removing makeup, hydrating our skin, body scrubs… and our favourite beauty products. Are the techniques you’re using the correct ones? 

At womanistic we reveal the 10 beauty tips to achieve perfect skin. Nothing too complicated, just good motions to use!

Apply your care from the bottom to the top!

Morning and night, when you apply your hydrating cream if you want to slow down the laws of gravity, follow these steps for application: Start by the neck and work up to the front, to the centre of your face to the top of your cheekbones. This technique will create a significant push up effect.

Avoid the contour of your eyes with your moisturizing care

Whilst applying your moisturizer avoid the areas that frame your eyes. Moisturizing care is very rich in water and this area is very fragile, therefore your skin will absorb everything. This will result in puffy skin. There exists specific lotions for the eyes which have less water and hydrate this area more gently.

Apply well your eyecream according to your blood circulation

The bad reflex when applying contour cream is to massage it into the skin from the interior to the exterior. This technique does not respect the direction of your blood circulation, which won’t help your dark eye bags or puffy eyes. The best way to say goodbye to dark circles efficiently is using your index finger to massage gently in circular movements (no pulling or stretching the skin), a dozen times from the outer eye corner to the inner eye corner.  Then doing the same thing around the eyelid.

Apply your foundation with your hands

Whether you are using liquid foundation or tinted moisturizer, the technique is the same: say goodbye to makeup brushes and use your fingers. Your fingers are warmer than brushes and it will help the products molecules to react and work better. The product is warmed up and will apply better onto your skin, resulting in a more natural look. Don’t forget to wash your hands before and after.

Add a drop of serum to your foundation

To make your foundation smoother, but also to give a natural and nice look, apply a small drop of serum to the palm of your hand before applying your foundation.

Apply your anti-dark circles cream correctly

Firstly, don’t use too much. Dark circle concealer is not camouflage, but are used to illuminate the eyes. If you have very bad dark circles, maybe think about increasing your sleep.

Next, apply it correctly. Using your finger apply gently by tapping softly, to avoid leaving any traces. Apply small dots in a triangle shape, starting from the inner corner of the eye and then going down to the level of the lower part of the nose and ascending diagonally towards the outer corner of the eye. Then spread without going beyond the triangle and avoid applying to close to the root of your eyelashes.


Use a pencil to open your eyes

If you had a late night and your don’t want your colleagues to know, apply a tinted skin coloured pencil to the edges of your eyelids and then blend slightly, to reduce redness.

Look after your lips

The skin on your lips is very thin and very sensitive, a reason why they need to be looked after. To create soft lips, remove any dead skin and massage gently with some lip exfoliater or a homemade mixture of suger/honey. Hydrate them regularily and make masks with a moisturizing, nourishing and plumping balm.

To remove imperfections, don’t use your fingers

When we have blackheads or a big spot in the middle of our face it is hard to resist touching it, in an attempt to get rid of it. The best solution is not touch them and treat them gentily. If you pierce a spot, you will slow down their disappearance by aggravating the infection and leaving a mark. Opt instead for a well adapted cream, which will dry out the imperfections and unify the complexion. Cleanse your face morning and night, be patient!


The best tip for beautiful skin, is sleep. Sport is also important, because you will sweat! By sweating you will evacuate through your pores toxins that are in your body which cause fatigue. It is a true natural self cleansing technique , ideal to remove impurities and dead cells, while promoting the blood circulation and nourishing the tissues in your skin. Thus, you will have more hydrated, softer, clearer and smoother skin. If you want this effect on all of your body go for a run and then go into a steam room for perfect skin! Don’t forget to hydrate, water is key to beautiful skin.


Source : aufeminin