10 advantages of being a girl, that guys envy!

The joys of femininity

Being a girl is not always easy, but we wouldn’t switch roles for the world! Men have plenty to be jealous of: flowy skirts in Summer that let us breathe, make up, an infinite choice of clothes, elegance, in short, being a girl is a pleasure! Here are a few typically feminine things that men can never have.

1/ We can wear dresses in Summer

While our male counterparts often can’t wear shorts to the office, from the first ray of sunshine we can get our pins out, and avoid suffocating in a suit all day long!

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2/ We have an unlimited choice of clothes at all price levels

We have to admit, we are much better served than guys when it comes to buying clothes: with an infinite choice, we never get bored! What’s more, our clothes are often cheaper.

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3/ We can flutter our eyelashes

Whether you’re feminist or traditional, you have to admit that being a girl can be useful! Think back to your first nights of trying to get into nightclubs when you were underage, and the bouncer made an exception for you because you were cute….

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4/ We most likely won’t go bald

Baldness in women is not something you see every day. Whereas in men, by contrast…….

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5/ We mature faster

In adolescence, at the same age as boys, we are streets ahead of them. This could explain couples in which the woman is ten years younger than her other half…

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6/ We don’t have such a fragile intimate area!

Even our breasts are not as fragile as the family jewels! Which only makes us more invincible.

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7/ Chivalry has been around a long time

Even if you’re a modern woman and pay more of the bills than your other half, you have to admit that sometimes, a bit of chivalry goes a long way!

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8/ We can give life

And that is something incredibly special.

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9/ We are always first to be served

You know the drill: women and children first!

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10/ Feminine intuition

A gift that means we can anticipate all situations, like a psychic!

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