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    Is it possible to become physically addicted to chocolate?

    Credits: Pexels.com

    Dark, white, milk or with hazelnuts, chocolate is a sweet temptation that most of us can’t resist! And sometimes, we can even imbibe an entire bar, instead of the one or two modest squares we had planned to nibble on…. So, does that make us addicts? Does cocoa lend itself to dependency?

    An addiction to chocolate is possible

    The World Health Organisation (WHO) estimate thaT chocolate dependency or addiction is possible, although it cannot strictly be considered a drug. Among the people who consume the most chocolate, those who eat more than 100 grams per day, giving up chocolate would cause only mild anxiety, and no more.

    Different from sugar addiction

    Chocolate is a special type of product, that produces a different type of pleasure than is produced by sugar, which can drive people to over-consumption. Chocolate in fact contains two substances that act on the brain: caffeine and theobromine. Caffeine is well known to promote the secretion of stimulant hormones.

    Chocolate: an antidepressant containing substances similar to nicotine or morphine

    Consuming chocolate, which is a mild stimulant, promotes the activation of certain brain circuits. Cocoa is rich in magnesium -a mineral salt that has antidepressant effects, which stimulates the secretion of dopamine. Chocolate also contains salsolinol, a substance comparable to nicotine or morphine, which mimics the effects of dopamine. Furthermore, chocolate can also have an affect on the sensory receptors, through its texture, its taste and its fat and sugar content, which promote the secretion of endorphins, the famous feel-good hormones. So there’s no reason to deny yourself, as long as you enjoy it in moderation!

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    What is female ejaculation, and why does it happen?

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    There is much debate around the topic of female ejaculation, when a woman ejaculates fluid during sex. But is it an actual ejaculation, strictly speaking? And what triggers it? Can every woman experience this phenomenon? Doctor Pierre Desvaux is going to teach us a little about the subject.

    What is female ejaculation?

    Female ejaculation is when a woman « ejaculates », releasing a liquid when she orgasms or when she is close to orgasm. This happens in a very small quantity for the majority of women, while it is much more abundant in others.

    Not all women can experience female ejaculation

    According to a study led by sexologist Pierre Desvaux, between 10 and 40% of the female population can ejaculate. It may happen to them as a once off, occasionally or regularly. It is a real ejaculation, although it can often go unnoticed, because it is mixed with other more noticeable vaginal secretions. Whether a woman orgasms or not, the liquid comes from the Skene glands and the para-urethral glands.

    Credits: AdamKontor/Pixabay

    Another similar phenomenon

    There is however another similar phenomenon, in which a woman appears to ejaculate, but the quantity is much more abundant. The liquid that is released can sometimes reach up to 300 mls. However, in this case, the liquid is made up of urine that comes from the bladder, via the urethra.

    How does this phenomenon occur?

    During sex, the kidneys continue to produce urine, which is stored in the bladder. Among the women surveyed, the bladder was empty at the beginning of the arousal period, it filled up and was emptied after ejaculation. This urine is often colourless and odourless, because it is freshly produced. In general, the woman needs to be fully at ease and needs to let go fully in order for this to happen. It is absolutely not an incontinence problem.

    Credits: AntonioGuillem/iStock

    Letting go is the key to female ejaculation

    In order to achieve female ejaculation, the area near the G spot in the vagina needs to be stimulated. However, what is even more important is to fully let go. In any case, female ejaculation and the release of liquid from the bladder as described above are two different phenomena, and do not necessarily lead to orgasm, even if they can be very enjoyable sensations.

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    6 unique tips for before and after hair removal

    Montage: 100%Féminin/Screenshots YouTube/Pexels.com

    You are sure to know what we are talking about when we mention those thousands of little red dots that appear on your legs after a trip to the beautician’s for your waxing appointment! But what you may not know is how to get rid of them, because for some of us, they can last several hours. But did you know that with a little turmeric, you can make them disappear in the blink of an eye! Here are 12 original tips to take the pain out of hair removal.

    1/ Apply rose water and turmeric to get rid of red dots on the skin after waxing

    After having a leg wax, are you inevitably left with red dots all over your skin? Even if they are not painful, they can sting a little, and they are somewhat embarrassing! The remedy: rose water mixed with turmeric, both of which have calming and soothing properties.

    Credits: Pexels.com

    2/ Apply chamomile tea bags to ease the sting after shaving

    If you shave regularly, you are sure to know all about the rash-like burn from the razor, especially in the armpits or on the bikini line. To remedy this, you can apply chamomile tea bags to the areas: soak them in hot water (which you can drink afterwards if you like) and allow them to cool in the fridge for around 15 minutes. Apply the tea bags as a compress to affected areas. Instant relief guaranteed!

    Credits: Pexels.com

    3/ Get an extra week out of your hair removal by using lemon juice

    Squeeze a lemon and pour the juice on to your legs. Rub it in with your hands and leave it to dry. You should slow down the regrowth by a few days.

    4/ Wash your legs with shampoo before waxing

    As strange as it may seem, don’t forget that the hair on your legs is still hair! So wash it as it should be washed, before mercilessly removing it! This will help the hairs to stick better to the wax.

    Screenshot: 90teen/YouTube

    5/ Use conditioner instead of shaving foam

    Special women’s shaving foam is nothing but a marketing stunt! Because any oily substance will do the trick. And conditioner is great, because it leaves no traces, unlike this gooey mess that’s as thick as cream!

    Screenshot: 90teen/YouTube

    6/ Apply an ice cube after hair removal, if it hurts

    If your skin is very sensitive, rub an ice cube to your legs between each strip of hair removed. This will naturally numb the pain. However, don’t forget to dry the area well each time before applying fresh wax.

    Credits: Pexels.com

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    10 things never to say to a pregnant woman

    Credits: Line Severinsen

    There are certain things we prefer to keep to ourselves -especially during this unique time. Because being pregnant means no less than your body changing completely, being flooded with a torrent of hormones that seem to be fighting with each other, and posing endless existential questions about your future child. In short, mums-to-be don’t have it easy! And it doesn’t take much to upset them. Here are a few phrases NEVER to say to a pregnant woman!

    1/ You’re not due for 5 weeks? I was your size when I was giving birth!

    You want us to feel even worse about ourselves, is it??

    Credits: Line Severinsen

    2/ Are you allowed eat that?

    You are already talking to a woman who is permanently starved with the hunger -don’t push your luck! There is nothing more annoying than someone preaching at us and watching every bite of cake we put into our mouths.

    3/ My bump was much bigger than yours by that stage. Are you sure the baby’s okay?

    As if we weren’t worried enough already!!!

    Credits: Line Severinsen

    4/ Make the most of all the sleep you can get now -there’ll be no more of it once the baby gets here!

    Well thanks for the advice…..

    5/ Do you want another one after?

    Are you really asking us if we want another baby, even before having given birth to this one??

    Credits: Line Severinsen

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    Wondering if you’re pregnant? Here are 5 sure signs!

    Credits: iStock

    Did you forget to use protection the last time you had sex? Maybe you don’t want to go and do a pregnancy test, but have you noticed that your body feels totally different? Have you been trying for a baby for so long, that you are afraid of being disappointed? Before doing a test, here are a few sure signs….

    1/ Your period is late

    A clear sign!

    2/ Your breasts are sore

    Like in your teens, your breasts feel tight or hard, as if they are trying to grow.

    3/ You feel nauseous

    An upset digestive system is a classic!

    4/ You are disgusted by meat

    It is possible that, even if you have never been a vegan, you could start to feel repulsed at the idea of eating animal flesh. One more vegetarian in the world! For nine months anyway….

    5/ You feel a pull in your lower abdomen

    Does your tummy feel tighter, pulled or swollen, and seem to have developed muscles all on its own? Take a test, it is quite possible that you are pregnant!

    Credits: Pexels

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    The top 7 Google search questions about sex: they may surprise you!

    It is second nature to us now whenever we are faced with a question: whip out our smart phone and ask our best friend Google, world authority on absolutely everything! And sex is no exception to the rule: the brightly coloured search engine helps us find solutions to all our sex quandaries. Here are the 7 questions asked most often on the net, with the key answers!

    1/ Where is the G spot?

    The G spot is found around 5 cm from the entry to the vagina, against the wall that separates it from the bladder.

    2/ How to make a woman orgasm

    The clitoral orgasm is the easiest to achieve, while the vaginal orgasm is somewhat more elusive. Foreplay and practice are key, but also communication, which is indispensable in terms of seeking orgasm.

    3/ Can you make your penis bigger?

    The only way of making your penis bigger is through surgery, but the operation is not without risks, and the aesthetic results are not guaranteed. There is no natural method for enlarging the penis. But be aware that size is not the most important thing!!

    4/ How to measure a penis

    In adolescence, men become almost obsessed with the size of their penis. The best way to measure it is using a rigid ruler, starting at the base (at the base of the bladder) and measuring to the tip, when it is soft and/or erect.

    5/ What age do you need to be to buy condoms?

    There is no age restriction. You can get them at your local family planning clinic, in the pharmacy, the supermarket or in machine dispensers.

    6/ How to penetrate a woman

    Even the most simple of things requires a little technique. But the Kama Sutra is there to help anxious lovers!

    7/ How long does sex normally last?

    Depending on the man, sex lasts on average 4 or 5 minutes. The ideal duration for sex is between 7 and 13 minutes. Anything more than than, and one partner could start to become tired of it.

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    How often should you have sex to keep your relationship alive?

    Credits: Pexels.com

    In our teenage years, it’s an obsession, in our twenties, we are always looking for more, in our thirties, we calm down a little, and in our forties, we can sometimes get lazy about it! Sexual relations can be a touchy subject in many couples that have been together for a long time. But there is nothing unusual about that! When routine sets in and we start to make the effort less often, it becomes increasingly difficult to get motivated about sex. The less you have, the less you want…. But did you know that sex unconsciously affects your love life?

    The more we make love, the more love we feel

    Did you know that sex can strengthen the bonds within a happy couple? The more we make love, the more we feel emotionally attached to our partner. What’s more, couples who get stuck in a sexless rut, as well as noticing a drop in their sex drives, also feel a little less loving towards one another. On the contrary, after having made love, the brain unconsciously strengthens the links between two people. Magic, right? You know what you have to do….

    How many times a week should you make love to keep the spark alive?

    Tracy Cox, a relationship expert and writer for the Daily Mail claims that the average frequency of sex in well established couples is closer to five times a month than five times a week. Couples under the age of 25, or people who have just gotten together, tend to have sex more often, although this gradually becomes less and less over the years. That said, the frequency of sex is not the only important criteria in terms of measuring a couple’s compatibility or happiness.

    Credits: AntonioGuillem/iStock

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    10 revolutionary nail care and manicure tips you never heard of before

    Montage : 100%Féminin/Screenshots Pinterest

    Have you just broken a nail? Or can you just not seem to get rid of the smell of cigarettes that has been progressively yellowing your nails? Or are they simply not growing fast enough for you? Here are a few practical tips that should give your nails a whole new lease of life!

    1/ Eat a handful of almonds every day, to make your nails grow faster and stronger

    A diet that is rich in nuts, particularly almonds, will help grow your nails (and also your hair) faster, while also strengthening them. They will be less brittle and they will grow easier. And almonds are not only good for your nails!

    Credits: Pexels.com

    2/ Do regular whitening treatments on your nails with just two simple ingredients

    Have you still not managed to give up smoking? And are your nails dull and yellow as a result? Revive their shine with this easy recipe: in a bowl, mix the juice of half a lemon with a dessertspoon of bicarbonate of soda, and immerse your nails in the mixture for around 3 minutes. They will come out stronger and whiter.

    Screenshot: Pinterest

    3/ Avoid putting dark nail polish directly on your nails

    To spare your nails from the aggressive products in nail varnish, always apply a protective base coat before applying dark coloured nail varnishes.


    4/ Stick some stickers to your nails to help create the perfect French manicure

    By sticking simple round stickers to your nails, you will be able to create a professional looking French manicure, even if you’re a complete beginner.

    Screenshot: Pinterest

    5/ Rub your nails with vinegar before applying your nail varnish, to make it last longer

    This will allow you to apply the colour more easily and more evenly. What’s more, the vinegar will help your manicure to last longer.

    Screenshot: Pinterest

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    10 ways to customise a hat so you can wear it forever!

    Montage: 100% Féminin/Screenshot Pinterest

    The hat is a timeless classic in terms of fashion, be it cotton, felt, wool or straw. We fish it out with pleasure on a bad hair day, when we’re too lazy to wash our greasy roots, or during summer to shield our eyes from the sun’s rays. And for certain fashionistas, a hat is an integral part of their style, and they wouldn’t be without it for the world! Here are 10 great ways to customise a hat, and change its style as you see fit. The possibilities are endless!

    1/ With a little belt

    Wrap your hat in a narrow leather belt to change its style completely. A whole new model, for a tiny cost!

    Screenshot Pinterest
    Screenshot Pinterest

    2/ With feathers

    Literally stick a feather in your cap! Insert them around the brim of the hat to rock your inner Cherokee!

    Screenshot Pinterest
    Screenshot Pinterest

    3/ With an assortment of jewelry

    To update a tired old hat, try adding a few jewels. Guaranteed effect!

    Screenshot Pinterest
    Screenshot Pinterest

    4/ With a collar

    Boost your hat’s fashion potential with a simple collar.

    Screenshot Pinterest
    Screenshot Pinterest

    5/ With a gold headband

    Or any type of headband, in fact.

    Screenshot Pinterest

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    9 stars who stopped their diets, for better or for worse

    Screenshot: Pinterest

    We can only imagine the draconian diets that celebrities are subjected to, to meet the needs of a film or a long tour. But sometimes such extreme self-denial can be the start of a hellish, frustrating journey. Eating healthily is a good thing for sure, but restricting yourself too severely and depriving yourself of all of life’s pleasures, is a bit too much to ask of anyone, celebs included. Here are 9 stars who put their body issues aside, and eased off on the dieting for a while…

    1/ Rihanna

    Screenshot: Pinterest

    2/ Nelly Furtado

    Screenshot: Pinterest

    3/ Alicia Keys

    Screenshot: Pinterest

    4/ Jessica Simpson

    Screenshot: Pinterest

    5/ Christina Aguilera

    Screenshot: Pinterest

    6/ Kim Kardashian

    Screenshot: Pinterest

    7/ Miley Cyrus

    Screenshot: Pinterest

    8/ Vin Diesel

    9/ Mariah Carey

    Screenshot: Pinterest

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    See how a baby kicking in utero completely deforms the mum’s tummy!


    If you know the joys of pregnancy, you are sure to have found yourself in this situation: feeling your tummy being kicked by the wannabe footballer inside it! And every time, it’s a joyful experience, that the daddies never get to experience. But have you ever gotten such a kick that you can actually see your bump distorting? This is what happened to one young mum-to-be, whose video is touring the web!

    Baby kicking: a completely normal phenomenon

    While certain babies stay very calm in their mother’s tummies, others are very dynamic, at all hours of the day and night! It’s usually between the fifteenth and twentieth week of pregnancy that the baby starts to kick. It can be an emotional experience for the young mum, who is excited to really feel her baby, but also relieved that they are healthy and moving.

    Credits: Tawny Nina/Pixabay

    Crazy distortions, like something out of science fiction

    As time goes on, maybe Baby starts to feel a little constrained, and is quick to make their feelings known, with increasingly violent movements! So much so that it sometimes becomes visible on the outside, with the tummy completely deforming. But it is usually simply impressive looking, rather than being terribly painful. The mum to be in this video was quick to grab her camera at the crucial moment, and we can see her tummy deforming in ways you could never have imagined.  You can’t help but imagine a foot coming out through the skin, alien style!

    Comments from astonished web users

    The movements look so strong that you could start to worry that the baby’s foot will come out through the mother’s bump! This is one of the reasons why the video went viral, getting more than 37,000 shares in just a few days. The comments weren’t long rolling in. Some people were amazed and in awe of the power of nature, while others were completely disgusted, going so far as to compare the video to a scene from a sci-fi film, if not a horror movie like Alien. Whatever the case, the video will provide the young woman and her family with unforgettable memories of her pregnancy!

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    At only 5 years old, this little girl will soon go through the menopause

    Credits: Tamieka Dover on Twitter

    Emily Dover is an Australian little girl of five years old, who suffers from a rare pathology: Addison’s disease. This unusual condition means her parents will be obliged to trigger the menopause in their daughter, via an extremely expensive treatment.

    Puberty at 2 years old, periods at 4

    At only two years of age, little Emily Dover’s chest started to develop and she began to get acne on her face, like happens to many adolescents. At the age of four, her periods started and she began to develop significant body hair. Upon observing such surreal symptoms, doctors concluded that unfortunately she was affected by Addison’s disease.

    Addison’s disease: an extremely rare pathology

    Addison’s disease, also known as primary adrenal insufficiency and hypocortisolism is caused by malfunctioning of the adrenal glands, which do not secrete enough steroid hormones. Extremely rare, this pathology leads to symptoms such as low blood pressure, abdominal pain, significant fatigue and depression. This disease has been known about since the 16th century and was first documented by a British man called Thomas Addison. It affects only very few people every year (four to six new cases per million).

    A costly treatment that involves triggering the menopause

    Emily’s mother has talked about the difficulties in explaining to her daughter what was happening. She said that Emily knows she is different, and because of this difference, she appears to be « very conscious of her body ». As incredible as it may seem, Emily will have to undergo significant and difficult treatment, with the goal of triggering menopause. The family are not able to fund this costly treatment alone, and they have launched a crowd funding campaign on GoFundMe, seeking the help of the internet community.

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